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Bitter Lacrosse was founded by the Bitter Family to share their passion for the game of lacrosse with people and communities across the country. The game has shaped their lives in many positive ways and they hope to share that positive influence with others.

Bitter Lacrosse operates several tournaments throughout the country with over 700 teams attending annually. As a full-time tournament production and operations company, Bitter Lacrosse is dedicated to delivering a superior tournament experience. Timely communication, accommodative scheduling, field marshals on every field, off-field entertainment, and unmatched pricing are just a few examples of what makes Bitter Lacrosse better.

E.W. Bitter

President, Co-Founder


E.W. has been at the helm of Bitter Lacrosse since the company’s inception. His journey in the sport of lacrosse started while growing up in Manhasset and learning the game from his father. He was recruited to play at Williams College where he quickly developed an interest in entrepreneurialism. He graduated in 2005 with a B.A. in Economics. After graduation, he worked for a real estate private equity firm as a portfolio analyst. E.W. soon identified an opportunity to launch a dedicated tournament production and operations company with Bitter Lacrosse. Under his leadership, the company has grown into one of the largest lacrosse tournament operators in the country. E.W. is involved in all aspects of the business. His interests outside of Bitter Lacrosse include coaching, endurance racing, skiing, hiking, and real estate. He currently lives in Stowe, VT with his wife and two daughters. 

Billy Bitter

Director, Co-Founder


Billy co-founded Bitter Lacrosse to share his passion for the sport that provided him great opportunities. He grew up in Manhasset learning the game of lacrosse from one the preeminent youth coaches in the country, his Father, MC Bitter. He graduated from Manhasset and moved on to a PG year at Deerfield Academy before landing at UNC. He went on to have one of the greatest offensive careers in UNC’s history. After college, he signed with Maverik Lacrosse and played professionally in the MLL. From there he transitioned into a marketing role at Maverik Cascade Lacrosse where he still serves today. Billy’s passion for the game as a player and mentor always centered on the philosophy of keeping the sport “fun”. With that in mind, he helped craft the North Country Lax Academy program, which has grown to host over 400 campers every summer in Stowe for a refreshingly unique lacrosse adventure experience.


MC Bitter

Director, Co-Founder


MC co-founded Bitter Lacrosse with his sons because he has dedicated himself to the sport for his entire life. Player, father, and mentor of the game of lacrosse for more than 45 years. Inducted into both the Boston College and Manhasset Athletic Hall of fame for lacrosse. One of the senior coaches of Manhasset PAL Lacrosse for 21 years. Coached dozens of future high school and college All-Americans and one of the key authors of the Manhasset PAL Lacrosse Coaches Guide. Proud father of 6 children all of whom played the game and grew to become leaders in their respective communities.


Luke Santoro


Luke has been with Bitter Lacrosse since its inception in 2010. He oversees all aspects of tournament operations including logistics, siting, scheduling, on-site production, equipment procurement, and staffing. Luke attended both Lawrence Academy and Deerfield Academy before playing lacrosse at Gettysburg College. He currently works and coaches at Tilton School in New Hampshire. Luke’s interests include fishing and riding his Harley.

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